Core Competencies

  • Practicing  Courts & Forums
  • Sindh High Court
  • Banking Courts
  • Banking Offences Court
  • District Courts
  • Banking Ombudsman
  • Dubai International Financial Center Courts


Filing and defending suits, writ petitions, appeals in the Banking Courts, High Courts relating to all banking matters, civil, aviation, petroleum, energy, industrial relations including service matters, labor, insurance, constitutional matters, criminal proceedings (pertaining to our corporate  clients  only), etc.

Banking Services

  1. Review and update the Banking instruments including loan and hypothecation agreements in order to bring them in line with changing pattern of law.
  2. Scrutiny of Title Documents in order to evaluate their admissibility as security.
  3. Consultations, Review and Advise as to Corporate, Banking, Prudential Regulations and other related laws.
  4. Registration of Mortgages, Liens, Hypothecations and Charges.
  5. Drafting and filing of suits for recovery/Appeals/Complaints against defaulters in Banking Courts, Special Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan.
  6. To represent the Bank before local Courts in Recovery suits and other suits filed by the customers as well as other Financial Institutions.
  7. Notice to the customers on behalf of the Banks and reply to any correspondence and/or Legal Notices received from Customers.
  8. Representing the Banks before any regulatory authorities, investigating authorities/agencies.
  9. Conducting sale of mortgaged properties of the defaulters without intervention of the courts.

Property Matters

  1. Review of Title Documents and Carrying out Title Search to ensure correct ownership.
  2. Drafting and finalization of Agreements of Sale.
  3. Preparation of Public Notices for Purchase of Property for publication in the local press.
  4. Consultations, Preparation, review and finalization details of the Sale Deed (Conveyance Deed).
  5. Stamping & Registration of Property Purchase Documents.
  6. Coordination with Parties and the Property Registrar to execute and Register the Sale Deed in the Office of the Property Registrar.
  7. Handing over/Taking over of the vacant possession of the Property in good order.
  8. Coordination at Microfilm Department to collect the Registered Documents as quickly as possible.
  9. Completion of Mutation process in favour of the new owner with the relevant authorities.

Contracts, Joint Ventures, Franchise & Licensing Agreements.

  1. Commercial and Trade Practices.
  2. Drafting, updating and Termination of Agency Agreements.
  3. Investment, Franchise and Joint Venture Agreements.
  4. Legal Assistance in preparing, reviewing Joint Venture/Shareholder Agreements, Technical Licensing Agreements, Trade Marks Licensing Agreements etc.
  5. Drafting Third party Contracts, Updating and Termination of Distributorship/Dealership Contracts, other Vendors and Services Providers Contracts etc.

Family Law Services

  1. Family Inheritance (Letter of administration & Succession Certificate)
  2. Child Custody & Adoption
  3. Drafting of Divorce Deed
  4. Dissolution of Marriage By way of Khulla
  5. Court Marriage

Management Consultancy & Company Formation Services

  1. We provide full range of corporate services including the following;
  2. Legal Assistance in preparing and reviewing Joint Ventures/shareholder Agreements, Technical Licensing Agreements, Trade Mark Licensing Agreements, etc.
  3. Drafting, filing, follow up of Name Search application and obtaining Search Certificate from the Registrar, Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
  4. Preparation of Company’s Memorandum & Articles of Association with the Company Registrar.
  5. Filing and processing of Memorandum & Articles of Association with the Company Registrar alongwith statutory Forms.
  6. Drafting of Board Resolution s to appoint Chief Executive/Auditors, Legal Advisors and Company Secretary (if any), and filing the same with the Company Registrar.
  7. Company formation, Mergers, and Acquisitions.
  8. Drafting of Board Resolutions for transfer of shares and resignations of retiring Directors/Appointment of new Directors and Chief Executive Officer.
  9. Drafting Board Resolution for Change of Company Name.
  10. Drafting and Amendment of Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company.
  11. Preparation of Share Certificates.
  12. Documentation and Processing of statutory form and applications in respect of Increase of Paid up Capital with the Company Registrar.